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Are you faced with a challenging industrial construction project? Do you have concerns about job site safety, quality of work and scheduling? What about engineered lift plans, subcontracting, specialized hauling and warehousing? Do you have adequate staffing, with proper construction and safety experience, to manage the task at hand?

If not, do what hundreds of other companies have done — contact Hohl Industrial Services. We are a premier, specialized trade industrial contractor capable of providing an array of structural construction field and shop services. In fact, Hohl Industrial Services is continuously growing and changing to meet the ever-changing needs of our many clients.

In today’s demanding design build construction industry — when shrinking corporate staffing has left some of our clients without the personnel to manage their projects — Hohl Industrial Services has staffed up for such things as design-build construction and complete management services.

We are certified and/or licensed to work in more than 25 states, including New York, Ohio, Kentucky, West Virginia, Tennessee, Pennsylvania, Virginia and many more. After reviewing our website, please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your specific needs. Thank you for visiting Hohl Industrial Services, Inc.

Process Conveyor System


Hohl Industrial Services Inc. has advanced equipment and the experience crews who know how to use it …

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Stamping Press Install


Hohl Industrial Services Inc. loves a challenge and thrives on solving the heavy rigging needs of our clients…

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Press Installation


Hohl Industrial Services has specialized equipment necessary to successfully complete any project…

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Power Plant Steel Erection


The iron worker crews at Hohl Industrial Services Inc. erects thousands of tons of steel per year. That experience…

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Heavy Hauling


Hohl Industrial Services has the knowledge and capabilities to move the biggest equipment or material loads

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Anyone can provide space for your warehousing requirements. Hohl Industrial Services Inc. expands on typical…

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Dam Restoration


Hohl Industrial Services can provide complete marine services for our clients…

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Design Build


Hohl Industrial Services Inc. offers complete design-build services to carry out even the most complex…

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With over 70 years of experience, Hohl has earned a reputation of safe, high-quality perfomance, and trustworthy project execution, all driven by the pursuit of perfection

Hohl Industrial Services Inc. is driven by the values of integrity, dependability, safety, and the pursuit of perfection. Our Mission is to leverage the strength of our core values to provide innovative solutions to our client’s most demanding challenges…today and in the future

For any kind of business solution and consultation, don’t hesitate to contact with us for immediate customer support.