Material Handling

Get excellence in motion with Hohl Industrial Services Inc.

Hohl Industrial Services Inc. was founded nearly 70 years ago as a material handling equipments supplier. Since then, we have been involved in thousands of material handling projects, in just about every industry, for an incredible variety of applications.

Today, Hohl Industrial Services Inc. provides solutions for unique and complex material handling challenges. Because of the type of projects, their specific demands, and the variety of sectors in which we work are so vast, we encourage you to call us to discuss your particular needs. To give you an idea of how we can help, here is just a glimpse of what we have done.

Crane-Monorail System

Hohl Industrial Services Inc. was the choice of a leading aluminum foundry to modernize the plant’s material handling tasks.  The goal was to eliminate ergonomic issues and reduce fork truck traffic. We designed, built and installed a system featuring 8 overhead cranes and a large monorail. The overhead cranes were interconnected with the monorail which allowed work in progress to be handled throughout all processes on a powered hoist/trolley.

Floor and Overhead Conveyor System

Hohl Industrial Services Inc. designed, built and installed a plant-wide material handling system for a tire manufacturer to increase efficiency and reduce ergonomic tasks. Tires are moved from the green state, to curing, cleaning, multiple inspection stations, and finally to the warehouse. The system consists of custom elevators, overhead chain conveyors, and both belt and roller conveyors.

Special Screw and Enclosed Conveyors

Market demands required a carbon manufacturer to find ways to cut months from their plant expansion schedule. With no time for engineering or even layouts, Hohl Industrial Services Inc. was asked to jump in and provide a material handling solution. We visited the construction site, estimated the length of what the eight conveying devices would be, and determined how we would support and feed materials in and out. Five weeks later, the system was installed, including all feed and discharge chutes.

Weigh, Feed and Clean System

Hohl Industrial Services Inc.  designed a unique system for a thermal processing manufacturer and shipped the whole thing to Europe. We designed, built and delivered the system to support two high temperature furnaces. The two unique systems weigh and evenly fill trays, transport them to the furnaces, and after thermal processing, elevate and empty trays into product hoppers, clean the trays and return them to the filling area.