Structural Steel

Build on Hohl Industrial Services Inc.’s strengths in structural steel.

Hohl Industrial Services Inc.  provides fabricated structural steel for all kinds of construction projects, including industrial, public and private applications. We have provided structural steel for the region’s leading general contractors, developers, construction managers and large industrial plants.

Our modern shop features a state of the art 3-spindle Peddinghaus beam drilling line, complemented by multiple saws, burning tables and six overhead cranes. The line is computer controlled and reads CADD files, so we can fabricate beams faster, with greater accuracy, reducing potential for human error.

Our shop is operated with a stringent quality program, under the watchful eyes of qualified, dedicated quality personnel. We meet the requirements of the Standard for Steel Building Structures and Simple Steel Bridges and Major Steel Bridges with Fracture Critical Endorsement categories as set forth in the AISC Certification Program.

A dedicated Shop Project Manager is assigned to each project. This gives you a single point of contact for all issues and ensures consistency and efficiency. Since schedules are critical to every project, we have in-house detailing to better control this upfront activity. We also have an FTP site to expedite the exchange of drawings and specifications.